A New Opportunities team from a top 10 pharma company needed to quickly figure out the commercial potential of a drug mooted for entry into phase II. It was a new disease area for the company and, as a result, in-house information was severely lacking. There were various market research reports, but many of these were old and so did not provide up-to-date snapshots of customers' attitudes and behaviours into how they managed their patients. To overcome this, TIGCRU Insight conducted new, desk research, harnessing the information gleaned to the available primary research. This allowed us to synthesise and develop a fresh perspective of the market landscape, which helped the New Opportunities team better understand the disease and potential opportunities for the drug. In addition, we led a workshop with the full cross-product team to ensure they supported the outputs and were happy to take ownership for the team of this important document.

Any gaps in knowledge identified and hypotheses crafted by the team were explored, built upon and co-created with external customers across the globe through a number of telephone interviews. During these discussions, we also tested the new product profile and determined some initial preference shares on the likely uptake by using a number of quali-quant techniques. The presence of appropriate leadership and technical skills within the TIGCRU team made it possible to deliver the project well ahead of schedule and very cost-effectively, too.