Our Background

Prior to setting up TIGCRU Insight, we each spent considerable proportions of our respective careers as client-side pharmaceutical market research, insight managers and directors. We have supported the development and launch of several major brands, which involved us working across a range of therapy areas, including Thrombosis – Dyslipidemia – Diabetes – Glaucoma – GERD - Lung Cancer - Breast Cancer - Asthma – COPD - Rheumatoid Arthritis - Osteoarthritis - Cystic Fibrosis - Infection - Epilepsy – Parkinson’s Disease – Stroke.

We have worked with numerous agencies, rolled our sleeves up with a multitude of qualitative and quantitative techniques, interviewed hundreds of healthcare professionals and patients, and worked hard to integrate the findings into brand / portfolio / corporate strategy.

Each of us, with between 15-20 years' experience, have lived through an information revolution in the pharmaceutical industry. Our learning evolved as more sources and techniques became available, and we have developed approaches to make sense of it all. We believe in seeking out and interpreting ‘fit-for-purpose’ information, synthesizing and integrating learning to inform business decisions.

Our basic principle remains the same: ‘Start with end in mind – seek out how the research outputs will be used’

Over the years, as more information, techniques and demands on the skills group grew, so did our passion for developing the skill group capability, and being recognised as strategic partners, not simply information providers. Hence, TIGCRU offerings reflect our passion for both technical, brand planning related activities as well as leadership services.

Our Mission

– is in our name.

We want you to feed back ‘This Is Great – I Can Really Use It!’

We know what it is like to use market research and insight to inform business strategy. We know outputs need to be integrated alongside other factors influencing your business issue and so strive to ensure we design projects that fit your processes and provide you with actionable outputs.

There’s a bit more wrapped up in this, and it’s in the way we support you. Our aim is to relieve the burden on you and stimulate your thinking to enable you to be excited and energised by your project – because that’s when the real ‘make it happen’ momentum is born!


Our Strapline

Energising fresh perspectives.

It captures the way we go about delivering insights.

By designing projects using tools and techniques to help teams see and integrate alternative perspectives into their evaluation. By doing this in a way specifically designed to energise and engage teams with the challenges, rather than overwhelm them with data.