Creative Facilitation

Sometimes you need to focus on content and let someone else manage agendas, timings, energy and brain states; enabling your team to keep on track, fully engage with the subject matter and deliver what is needed.

With our knowledge of the industry, passion for ensuring your activity links to your strategic goals and expertise in facilitation techniques, we design and run meetings that deliver actionable results.

We love adding to our kit bag of tools and techniques to get the most out of people and teams. Trained in MBTI, NLP, Bloom’s Taxonomy and creative facilitation to name a few, we seek to understand your specific needs and integrate techniques to meet them.

Our Idea Generation workshops have been requested to support product teams with customer-centric innovation ideas, as well as by functional teams requiring resourcing ideas and non-pharma companies looking for some fresh thinking.

We have run meetings to:

  • Engage teams around current market understanding and identifying consequent gaps in knowledge, prior to writing their Market Opportunity Map.
  • Help teams evaluate commercial uncertainties and assess forecast assumptions.
  • Help teams assimilate environmental factors through Scenario Planning workshops.
  • Stimulate teams to anticipate competitor moves through War Games.
  • We have devised and run a series of Personalised Healthcare (PHC) Strategic Evaluation workshops across R & D Project teams. The success of which led to the client asking us to develop the approach into a ‘Workshop in a Box’ toolkit, so that it could be fully embedded in company processes.

    We always work with the end goal in mind and make events engaging as well as productive.

    Contact us via our contact form should you wish to explore how we can create solutions for you.