The Technical Toolbox

Technical toolbox
Here's how we classify each of the elements of the insight toolbox.

Secondary Research

Knowing where to go, what to trust and how to interpret from the many sources of sales, medical, promotional, and pipeline data and analyst reports. All these are essentially reports of what has already happened, or someone else’s interpretation of what it means.  We provide the ‘So what?’ for your brand.

Primary Research

Essentially asking  your customers what they do, think or need.  Can be exploratory (using creative qualitative techniques), or quantitative to provide more robust support to decision making. We have worked with numerous agencies, adopting hundreds of techniques over our combined decades in the business. We know when to use different techniques, and how to design ‘fit for purpose’ studies that deliver to your business objectives.  We are well networked with fieldwork providers, so can design and run small-scale projects ourselves (E.g. Target Product Profile testing). Or we can help clients design and project manage larger-scale studies.

Business Analysis

Analysing and interpreting all sources to drive your Brand Planning; from providing a view on the current and future market environment to assessing opportunities and threats to your brand, we help you determine potential scenarios and consequent forecasts.  Whether you need a Forecast, a Business Case, a ‘Situation Analysis report’, a ‘Market Opportunity Map’ or a team Scenario Planning workshop, TIGCRU brings together the necessary left and right brain thinking to support your needs.

Competitive Intelligence

Anticipating what your competitors will do, how they will affect  the market, or respond to your strategy.  We can help you develop your CI strategy, interpret pipeline data, facilitate war games, and identify early warning signals.  Pressure test your strategy and get your team competitor savvy.


Insight brings the deeper, emotional understanding of your market and customers, to reveal and articulate opportunity areas from which you can develop tactical or strategic brand plans. We build from the outputs of any other research sources available and use creative techniques to uncover underpinning insights, these then act as ‘springboards’ for future idea generation. We work with clients to determine what approach best fits their needs and tailor our offering accordingly.  Examples include: New Market Insight, Insight Refresh, Insight Days, Patient Events, Immersions Kits, Clinical Insights.

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