Capability Build

Are you inundated with information sources, demands on your time and increasing expectations of what you should deliver to ensure the right critical business decisions are made?

The pharma market environment is getting ever tougher and a deeper understanding of market and customer needs are required to drive success of products.

Capability in the insight area revolves around individuals and teams having the technical, leadership and personal skills to

  • understand the core question, the business need and how research results will be used.
  • navigate the host of potential sources, analyse, integrate and evolve thinking to support decision making effectively.

  • TIGCRU brings the client-side technical experience, with the passion for developing people to be the best they can be. We design courses to meet your specific needs and actively look for gaps in training provision in the industry and develop open house courses to meet these needs. (E.g. Our Critical Thinking training course).

    We are recognised for knowing the industry and our passion for developing people, hence have been approached by other departments to develop bespoke courses. (E.g. A Work-Life balance course for an R & D department in a top 10 pharma company).

    Example services:

  • Team Building
  • Individual Coaching
  • Assessment Centres
  • MBTI Profiles / Coaching / Team Building
  • Critical Thinking
  • Time Management
  • Bespoke courses to meet your specific needs