Insight brings the deeper, emotional understanding of your market and customers, to reveal and articulate opportunity areas or ‘springboards'; from which you can develop tactical or strategic brand plans.

Insight projects all start with activities around gaining greater awareness and understanding of the ‘real world’ by getting closer to customers. Some end there – with the specific intention of simply being motivational, educational and awareness type events. Others push the observations: to develop or re-visit insight opportunity areas before matching these to Market or Brand strategy options.

At TIGCRU Insight, our primary goal is to ensure the project delivers something useful for your organisation. Thus, we design bespoke solutions, drawing on our experience, to meet your needs exactly.
Examples include New Market Insight, Insight Refresh, Insight Days, Patient Events, Immersions Kits and Clinical Insights.

Turning a load of factual information into killer insights

It is one thing to produce a wealth of information from rational and emotional perspectives of the market; it is an altogether different thing to uncover ‘killer insights’ about what triggers your customers purchasing decisions. The extra effort required to uncover these insights is well worthwhile, though, as it will to set you apart from your competitors.

But, just when you think you have that elusive golden insight nugget, it can often turn out to be just another piece of run-of-the-mill data--fool's gold, if you like. And, as such, is unlikely to spark off a decent strategy or creative brief. In answer to this challenge, TIGCRU Insight have created a series of tools that help us to ask the right questions and make the right interpretations to unearth those killer insights that will enable you to win in your marketplace.

The insights are usually always there; it just takes the right approach to discover them and gain a fresh perspective on your market, customer or brand.

How we do it

TIGCRU Insight provides a flexible approach to insight mining. We build from the outputs of any other research sources available and use creative techniques to discover underpinning insights. These then act as ‘springboards’ for future idea generation. We work with you to determine the starting point and business objectives; from there we can recommend which approach best fits your needs and tailor our offering accordingly.

Whenever possible and where client resources allow, we find the most effective approach to discovering that ‘a-ha’ moment is by leveraging all the brainpower in your team and taking everyone on the insight discovery journey. This helps ensure that everyone understands where the insights come from; and gets everyone ‘talking the same language’ so that a consistent story is communicated within the organisation.